Have you got yours?

We are mid-way through to Christmas 2021!  If you follow our Instagram or Facebook you'll have seen our updates on the 2021 Michael Middleton Christmas Ornament.  We are thrilled that this has been such a success and we will be continuing to sell them until the end of the year!  

Last year, we decided to introduce an annual Christmas Ornament whereby proceeds go to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund in Corolla OBX.  We made 2 ornaments, a Christmas Tree and a Bauble, both were infused with the Wild Mustang Horse Hair donated by the Fund to us.  If you started your collection then, well done!

kitty hawk

This year's Christmas Ornament was created from a photography of Kitty Hawk, who is a direct blood line to the original Spanish Mustangs that roamed wild on these same beaches all those years ago!  She is now being cared for at the Fund's farm, and can been visited there too.  

These beautiful COLLECTIBLE ornaments have the wild mustang hair embedded into the clay by a process called Raku; whereby the carbon from the hair is sucked into the clays surface at around 1300 degrees. This creates the unique patterns you see on the ornaments and ensures that each one is unique.  We then place a stamp with our logo on it, so you know it is the real deal!

We can tell you that over 350 of these ornaments have been sold this year and if you haven't got yours yet then you have a few weeks left to make that purchase.  They make fantastic gifts and look amazing on your tree...a great conversation piece and a great way to support a very worthy local artist and more importantly those beautiful Spanish Mustangs.

If you want to grab one, or two...here is the link to the product.

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