It's Christmas Time...well nearly!

Christmas ornament kitty hawk

If you were one of the lucky customers who purchased last year's Corolla Wild Horse Fundraising Christmas Ornament, you'll be interested in purchasing our 2021 edition! 

This year we have taken the wild horse hair infused ornament design to a new level.  Not only is this a beautiful horse shape, it is actually Kitty Hawk!  She is one of the few horses that is a pure descendent from the original Spanish Mustangs herd.  Infused with Corolla Wild Horse Hair and embossed with our Michael Middleton logo, this year we believe our Christmas Ornament is a true winner!

As always, part of the proceeds from the sale of these ornaments goes directly to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and is used to cover the expenses for veterinary bills, feed and housing, fencing and signage as well as a multitude of other expenses necessary to keep the herd safe, cared for and healthy so that they continue to roam as free as possible on our beaches here in Corolla.   

They make fabulous gifts as they come in a lovely gift box and one of our cards that explain who we are and the work we do with the Fund.  

Thank you to the hundred's of people who have already bought this year's ornament, we have been truly overwhelmed by the response to our Kitty Hawk edition.  BUT there is still time to buy yours, we are continuing on until mid December with making these and mailing them out.  Each ornament is $25.50 plus shipping, and remember that proceeds go to the Fund.



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