New products are Springing up!

If you are a follower of our social media, then you will have seen the big splash we have been making about our new Corolla Wild Horse Fund mugs! This new design is a wonderful addition to our Mugs collections and each one is not only handmade, but the decal is hand-finished too! 

These mugs are available for pre-order right now on our website, cost $30.


We have also been busy creating a new CWHF wild mustang hair bottle, similar to the Key West Feather bottles you may have seen recently. Both of these beautiful designs support the organizations they represent as a portion of the proceeds for each sale goes directly to them to help them continue their great work with the wild animals they care for.

 Corolla Wild Horse Fund Bottle $125 - LINK HERE

 Key West Wildlife Center Rooster Feather bottle $125 - LINK HERE

We also have some very cool new merchandise coming soon, so watch out for our updates and please follow, like and share so that more people can enjoy and support these worthy causes.

Thank you! 

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