Lucky Duck (Ducky) - from the Renegade 6 herd


“Ducky” is an 8-year-old stallion that was removed with his harem last spring after they habitually made their way into False Cape State Park. Despite our best efforts to relocate the group south, they continued to make their way up into Virginia and we were ultimately faced with removing them for their own safety. In fact, Lucky Duck got his name because he avoided getting hurt in a dangerous situation more than once. Ducky is a sweet, personable horse who is a superstar outreach horse. He is also one of the foundation stallions of our off-site breeding program. 

Each of the products created in the collection is stamped with DUCKY and dated on the bottom. These pieces are hand-thrown, unique pieces created with locally sourced clay and finishes. Details on the materials are listed with each item.

A portion of the proceeds goes to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund to support the continued health and well-being of these magnificent creatures.