Moxie - a Sassy Artist

Born in the wild in Corolla and moved to Dews Island when she was a couple of years old. Moxie’s mother was a mare who was appropriately named Chaos, one of the Banker mares, and for most of her life Moxie was known as Utter Chaos. 

She is one of the oldest horses living at our rehab facility. She is in her late 20s, maybe even close to 30, and is a part of the Dews Island herd that was moved to the farm in October 2017.  Moxie is one of the last horses still alive who lived in Corolla before the sound-to-sea fence was installed. Since Moxie is older and set in her ways, we do our best to let her live life on her own terms. Mutual respect allows us to perform necessary things like hoof trims and vaccinations, but Moxie is very picky about who she lets into her circle. Gaining Moxie’s trust and affection is a special thing, and not something that she gives lightly. One summer we discovered that Moxie enjoys painting. She chooses her own colors and is very thoughtful about her art.

Each of the products created in this collection is stamped with MOXIE and dated on the bottom. These pieces are hand-thrown, unique pieces created with locally sourced clay and finishes.

A portion of the proceeds goes to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund to support the continued health and well-being of these magnificent creatures.