About our Key West Rooster Feather Collection

Since 2009, the Wildlife Center has been part of a concession agreement with the City of Key West to provide rescue, medical care, and adoption services for the feral chickens of Key West. Through this agreement, we have worked to provide the best possible environment for the chickens under our care with an emphasis on nutrition and cleanliness. We rescue many sick, orphaned, and injured local chickens as a result of car strikes, respiratory diseases, avian pox, botulism, cock-fighting injuries, broken legs and wing, and eye injuries. Our center focuses on all aspects of optimal nutrition and a clean facility to help rehabilitate the sick and injured birds we rescue. We provide high protein chicken feed and add fresh produce as a dietary enhancement donated by St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Food Pantry. We provide medical care to help sick and injured birds get in optimal shape before we find them new homes.

This beautifully unique collection is designed to raise awareness for the Key West Wildlife Center and the work they do with these birds to make sure they continue to roam the area freely and be enjoyed for years to come.  Using the same Raku methods as he does with the CWHF wild mustang hair, Michael embellishes each piece with one of the feathers he has collected from these birds on his trips to Key West over the years.  

Michael first visited Key West when he was living in Florida with his family as a young boy.  He fell in love with the area, atmosphere, and wildlife.  With the success of the wild mustang collection and the continued invaluable support he is able to give the Fund and the horses through his work, Michael had the idea of creating a collection to do the same for the Key West Wildlife Center, using the feathers of the feral chickens.

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To learn more about the Key West Wildlife Center you can visit their website here.